Who We Are

Who We Are

We, Moneywise Wealth Management | “The Moneywise Guys,” are an independently owned, fee-based financial + investment advisory firm that is rooted in Bakersfield, CA, and work with beloved clients from all over the country. Our service style is skilled and down-to-earth, favoring skill + compassion, and our financial advisors are anchored in an integrated WEALTH + TAX + ESTATE planning structure and a long-term, strategic investing mindset.

Since opening in 2003, we have noticed that most financial firms use two basic approaches:

(1) a one-person shop where the advisor is forced to be an expert in all areas of finance or (2) a corporate structure, full of conflicts of interest, that seemed to discourage objectivity and independence which forced the advisor to lose his objectivity and forced to advise clients based on what was best for the corporation and not the unique needs of the client.

We strongly believe that both of these traditional styles are at the unfortunate expense of the client. In response, we have created an effective model where our fiduciary investment advisors work closely with an experienced estate planner + attorney, and a CPA/MST. This allows us to focus on what we specialize in – sound investment solutions + thoughtful guidance,  and retirement planning.

Our financial advisors + support team are dedicated to doing everything that is within our power, experience, and resources to assist clients in building the healthy, confident, stress-free financial life that they have always imagined and deserve. We are passionate about the work that we do and are honored to help each and every client brightly shine.

Individuals. Families. Business Owners.

We are here to be your loyal + experienced partner and to help you be the hero in your own unique, financial journey through your retirement years.


All the best,

Sherod Waite, David Anderson + Team Moneywise


Our Core Values

Moneywise is guided by a set of values and a company culture that is rooted in education, pro-activity, adaptability, empathy, and treating our clients, co-workers, and community as though they were our own, beloved family. These values are the compass by which we stay focused: providing sound financial advice to as many people as we can reach and giving back in the ways that we are capable of. We believe in a positive ripple effect.


  • We figure things out as we go with the resources we have
  • We reach out to others when we need information
  • We are independent thinkers
  • We have no barriers, no fear to solving problems and talking to people
  • We get things done


  • We do the right thing, even when no one will ever find out
  • We do what we say we’re going to do when we say we’re going to do it
  • We rely on our team approach to follow through and complete what we say we’re going to do
  • We are accountable and organized


  • We care about our community
  • We are engaged and trying to make it better
  • We give money and time to the community
  • We participate and get involved in community events
  • We promote and partner with non-profits and other local businesses


  • We treat people well: in our homes, our workplace and in the greater community
  • We are respectful and kind
  • We take time and listen to one another, and our clients
  • We view our differences as our strengths and value diversity


  • We believe in continual education and certification
  • We continue to hone our skills and expertise
  • We understand our industry and can serve our customers consistently well with our knowledge
  • We stay up to speed with current trends

Mission Statement

We are committed to enriching our clients’ lives by helping them to understand and manage their financial goals and strive to accomplish this through our personal touch and carefully constructed investment solutions. We consider our clients as family and treat them as we would want to be treated. We are driven to continuously evolve, educate, and provide outstanding financial guidance and trusted service to every client and to our community. This is the Moneywise way.

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