Tips to get through this recession

YouTube video

Moneywise financial advisor, Sherod Waite, offers suggestions about some important things to remember during a recession.  This is the first recession we’ve had in over 10 years. Because of the continued disconnect between what’s happening in the stock market and what is happening with people’s personal finances, many don’t even feel like we are in a recession.

Instead of dwelling on the negative, Sherod gives some tips on ways you can focus on the positive aspects during a recession.  How can you seize the opportunities that may be available to you?  In what ways can you diversify sources of your income?  We have some input to help navigate you through it.

Our team here at Moneywise is ready to help you find the answers and walk you through this challenging time.  Make the most of your financial resources by partnering with our down-to-earth advisors and support staff where we treat you like family. Moneywise is available for free, no-obligation phone + virtual consultations.


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