Tips on Your Retirement Savings and Helping Out Family

Tips on Your Retirement Savings and Helping Out Family

Moneywise CEO Sherod Waite shares a video commentary that discusses some of the pros and cons of helping out family and friends when they approach you for financial assistance during difficult times. With the intense and confusing state of our current world and all of the very real anxieties, stresses, and frustrations that we are facing on a local and national level, we, at Moneywise, continue to try our best to help our clients and greater community be financially healthy and stay focused when it comes to our own personal economies. Financial stability is a struggle for many, and we want to try to help where we can and where we specialize.

We always have and will continue to encourage everyone, client or not, to try and avoid making irrational, emotionally driven decisions that might affect their long term financial plan.

One size does not fit all, so if you would like to bounce ideas off of a Moneywise financial advisor, please reach out to see how we might be able to partner with and support you during these times.



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