Three free apps that help us budget better


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Moneywise owner + financial advisor, Sherod Waite, talks about BUDGETS. Budgeting can often be difficult and tedious for many. It’s also one of the most important ways we can discipline ourselves to have a better financial future. Sherod discusses ways that we can improve that process and make the budgeting in our lives easier.

There are free + easy to use apps out there that can sync with your bank accounts with hands off approaches.  Others can provide incentives and goal setting.  And what can your own bank apps or online banking help you do?  Sherod provides you with plenty of tips that he uses himself!

Budgeting isn’t necessarily flashy or fun but helps you achieve your financial goals and gain financial security.  Our family here at Moneywise is ready to provide you with this type of help and much more.  Our unpretentious and helpful advisory team is here to guide you towards financial freedom.  Moneywise is available for free, no-obligation phone + virtual consultations.


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