Social Security: Potential Benefit Changes + Tips To Help Prepare

Social Security: Potential Benefit Changes + Tips To Help Prepare

1/2 of Americans over the age of 65.5 yrs get 50% of their income from Social Security, and 1/4 of Americans get 90% of their income from Social Security. Before it’s too late, planning around Social Security matters.

In this video commentary, Moneywise financial advisors + co-owners David Anderson and Sherod Waite discuss the inevitable changes to Social Security benefits on the horizon and what Americans can and should do now to help soften the impact.

It will make a huge difference to begin preparing now for a slightly different benefit landscape in your retirement years. This is where a trusted + experienced financial advisor can tremendously help in breaking down the moving parts, anchoring the plan in your retirement goals, and building a long-term strategy that suits you and your needs.

Our Moneywise Wealth Management financial advisors are here to partner with you through your financial journey and retirement years. Social Security is a huge piece of that journey and an exceptional financial advisor can make a huge difference.

We are here to help you get on track and best prepare for your financial future.

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