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Nationwide unemployment and how remote work could change the housing market

Federal interest rate down and home purchases up

Mortgages and foreclosures, the future of the housing market

Weakness in economy exposed as major airline announces potential layoffs

Fed adopts new strategy to allow lower interest rates, stronger labor markets

Moneywise: Local and national unemployment, and determining when to refinance

Moneywise with an update on the nations Unemployment numbers

Latest about the economy during the COVID-19 pandemic

Coronavirus and the economy

Preparing for the unknown with a second stimulus

Credit card debt can make financial hardship worse

Moneywise joined 17 News at Sunrise to explain how personal income dropped in the month of May but consumer spending continued.

Sherod Waite, Managing Partner and Financial Advisor at Moneywise joined 17 News at Sunrise to explain the economic changes happening due to the coronavirus pandemic

Economy gains 2.5 million jobs contrary to predictions made by economists, Moneywise explains a stunning report

Consumer spending report shows personal savings rate hits historic high, Moneywise explains how this impacts the economy

Garro Ellis discusses Unemployment

Moneywise explains national debt and economic impact on local businesses

Moneywise explains significance of record drop in retail sales



Stock Market and economy relationship 

Unemployment impact on the economy





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