Moneywise COVID Tips on 401k Loans, Distributions + HELOCs

Moneywise COVID Tips on 401k Loans, Distributions + HELOCs

For individuals, there are newly available exceptions under the CARES Act.

Moneywise co-owners Sherod and David share video commentary on a few of the big item rules that have been modified in order to provide short-term relief for qualified, everyday people and investors. This commentary touches on 401k loans, 401k distributions, and HELOCs (Home Equity Line of Credit).

PLEASE NOTE! Moneywise Wealth Management does not suggest quickly pulling the trigger OR quickly dismissing any of these options. If you feel that any of the items might be a potential fit for you, please please please first speak with your Moneywise financial advisor or financial professional before making any decisions that will impact your finances. The goal here is to 1) understand whether or not you qualify and 2)  map out whether or not it makes strategic sense for YOU and your overall financial plan.

One size does not fit all.


To discuss with a Moneywise financial advisor, please call our office: 661-847-1000.


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