How To Stay Calm + Move Beyond Common Investor Biases

How To Stay Calm + Move Beyond Common Investor Biases

Moneywise CEO Sherod Waite shares a video commentary that discusses what most investors, with varying levels of experience, struggle with – emotions and cognitive biases.

At Moneywise, our team of financial advisors are passionate and dedicated to healthy, behavioral finance. We don’t plug in clients’ hard-earned money and leave them to their own emotional devices to figure out how to deal with the inevitable and constant stream of ups and downs of the economy and the markets. We have 60+ years of collective experience in the financial industry and we care. We believe in being a true and trusty partner who walks alongside our clients, their family, and business through all turbulence and doing what we can to help each understand how human emotions – happy or sad – can drive us to make self-sabotaging financial decisions. We all need a good partner. After all, we are only humans, and at that, we are all emotionally driven.

If you are ready to work with a firm that will be there for you, that will support you through the emotional curveballs of life and life’s events,
please do not hesitate to REACH OUT TO US. There is no pressure, there are no hidden fees and zero obligation.

We are here to help you to and through your retirement years in any way that we can.
Moneywise has got your back.

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