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We listen to your unique financial needs + retirement goals, and then help empower you to thrive as your own hero throughout your financial  journey.

Moneywise Wealth Management is an independently owned, fee-based financial + investment advisory firm that is rooted in Bakersfield, CA and works with incredible clients from all over the country. Our comprehensive and hyper-engaged investment and planning services are passionately driven by our advisors’ 60+ years of combined industry experience and our dedication to doing everything that is within our power to better our clients’ lives by relieving stress and helping them manifest their retirement goals.

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"At Moneywise, we treat our clients like beloved family who, we believe, deserve the absolute best. This means providing incomparable service with a genuine smile, trusted financial guidance + exemplary investment resources."



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As an extension of our commitment to best serve our clients, we are also driven by a desire to better serve our communities through sharing practical advice and accessible financial education. We utilize different media platforms in order to breakdown the dense financial world and make it useful and fun. We believe in the power of and access to financial literacy for all pocketbook sizes and backgrounds.

 Whether it’s the “The Moneywise” radio show, daily podcast, weekly live appearances on local news media, or video commentary series with community partners, we are regularly called on as the go-to-favorite to share our unique insights, trusted experience, and down-to-earth personality.