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What We Do

Our clients’ perceptions of what it means to be  successful — and what success should provide — have changed radically over the past decade. Our firm’s approach is built on the philosophy that your wealth should be aligned in such a way that it enables your life, not the other way around.

What does it mean to live a full life? A rich life?

Many financial services firms continue to focus solely on your money. How much do you have now? What will you need in the future? The real questions have more to do with how you want to live your life and how your money should support those ambitions — for you, your family, and perhaps your community. That’s why we take the time to help our clients see beyond their immediate financial concerns to achieve a greater vision of how they can use their wealth to bring more fulfillment and security to their lives, for themselves as well as their families.

So we offer a process that integrates your financial resources with your vision of personal fulfillment, security and integrity. The result is not so much a single, rigid, financial solution, but a vital process in which your wealth is always at the service of your life.

It is an experience that is both transforming and affirming. It is a feeling that goes along with the greatest personal and professional satisfaction you could ever hope to derive from your wealth. We call this ‘financial wellness’.

Financial Management vs. Financial Wellness

Traditional financial management only addresses half of the issues most people face. Typically, financial managers advise you based on your assets and objectives, working to fit them together into a single strategy. But the context around those goals is too often lost and your ability to prioritize, and invest according to your priorities, may be limited.

Think about it this way: Virtually every significant decision you make has some financial dimension. Each of us has particular attitudes or preferences regarding the risks we are willing to take, the values that we associate with the application of our wealth, and the way we assign priorities to our objectives. And all of these will most likely change over the course of your life. Often, these unique goals and preferences require unique strategies which, carefully combined, get you where you want to be.

We take a more holistic approach to managing your life and your wealth. By viewing your goals in tandem with your dreams, desires, and within the context of your means, we work with you every day to grow our understanding of your needs and to ensure your financial wellness.

Goals-based Investing — A Personal, Goal-driven Investment Approach

Our firm uses a unique investment approach to offer you more than just traditional financial management. If you are looking to achieve financial wellness, the best strategy is one which allows for multiple short- and long-term goals that support the way you live your life. Objectives such as: major purchases, family changes, education commitments, philanthropic aspirations and career redirection. Each of your goals is unique in the time and resources it requires to be achieved, and how it falls in your ever-changing list of priorities. The key to understanding how best to use your wealth is to recognize the underpinnings of each of your goals — to gain a clear appreciation for how they are interdependent, both financially and emotionally — within the bigger picture of your life.

We focus on understanding you, each goal, and where it fits into your life through this process. From clarifying your life goals to linking them to individual, customized investment strategies. The system allows us to measure your progress, not against arbitrary industry benchmarks, but against the very goals we are working to achieve. On a regular basis, we’ll make a point of taking a fresh perspective to thoroughly reassess inevitable changes in your goals and/or personal circumstances and how they might influence your investment decisions.

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