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Moneywise Wealth Management is a premier financial services firm in Central California, not only because of our ability to help our clients meet their individual financial goals, but as a result of who we are and what we believe: the core values and ethics that guide our organization.

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"Our values supply the compass by which we stay focused: providing broad, sound financial advice to our clients.
Our values brought our company to where it is today, and will guide us tomorrow."


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call the show at 842-KERN (5376)

Breaking through the junk, the Moneywise Guys, David Anderson, Garro Ellis, Sherod Waite, Kris Pelster and Justin Leland tell it like it is. Whether the topic is local business, Wall Street, politics, or economics, Moneywise provides the truth on the hype and helps you see through the mud.

The Moneywise Guys can break down the most complex financial topic and explain how it applies to you, making the world of money less intimidating, and helping you build a path to being Moneywise.

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